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Natural attractions of Istria

The Istrian Peninsula has kept its natural beauty intact over the years. Passing down this beauty to the next generations has become an unspoken tradition. The sun-kissed hills with lush Mediterranean plants and the forests near the Adriatic Sea are carefully protected.

For centuries, Istria has been a cradle of agricultural excellence. The region's fertile soil and favorable climate have allowed for the cultivation of exceptional olive varieties, resulting in top-quality olive oil that is enjoyed both locally and globally. Istrian vineyards, renowned for producing high-quality wines, are a testament to the region's dedication to preserving the land's bounty.

With a mild Mediterranean climate, 2,387 hours of sunshine per year, and sea temperatures as warm as 25°C, Istria is a nature-friendly and healthy place for tourists.  Visitors can revel in the beauty of its unspoiled nature while indulging in healthy, locally-produced delicacies and wines, all within a serene Mediterranean setting. Istria truly offers a unique and fulfilling experience for those looking to connect with nature and enjoy a wholesome way of life.

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